Clean Media is the publisher of “The New Zealand Good Beach Guide” and is owned and managed by its founder. Tim Rainger grew up swimming, fishing, sailing and surfing around the NZ coast. He trained as a commercial photographer and began his professional career as a freelancer working in NZ, Australia and Italy before moving to London.

After a writing course at City Lit, a chance meeting with an English surfer led to the formation of Low Pressure Publishing in 1990. Their first title “The Stormrider Guide: Europe”, a complete surfing guide to the European coast, was delivered to a stunned market in June 1992. It was an immediate best seller and has sold in excess of 70,000 copies in three editions since then, establishing Low Pressure as a global leader in travel publishing. Successful Snowboard Guides to the USA and Europe were produced over ensuing years.Then in 2000, a companion surfing guide to the US was produced.

He has contributed freelance stories and pictures to a wide range of publications including The National Business Review, Idealog, The Dominion Post, The NZ Herald, Black, Urbis, Taste and North and South magazines. He has a 17 year old son and continues to surf, fish, swim and sail on a daily basis.